AFS ROTEL utilise a combination of laser scanning techniques, parametric solid modelling and precision manufacture.

We produce full design and manufacturing data, component upgrades and modifications where appropriate to ensure high quality replacement parts.

Key applications for the process include: 

  • Obsolete equipment supply

  • Alternate spares source 

  • Design modifications

  • Asset management 

  • Recapture of legacy or lost design data

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Our clients often operate perfectly adequate equipment that is no longer supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Instead of expensive and unnecessary replacement of the entire unit, Reverse Engineering offers an alternative of high quality interchangeable spare parts.  This gives our clients the ability to continue to use their existing machinery with a consistent supply of replacement components.


On those occasions where the OEM is unable or unwilling to provide an acceptable delivery date for the supply of critical replcement parts AFS Rotel Ltd. are able to offer high quality components within a competitive time frame.


The performance and reliability of standard equipment can be improved with appropriate modifications to design and material selection. Careful analysis of existing parts and an understanding of a customer's unique needs provide the opportunity to manufacture bespoke components that are ideally suited to the client's specific application. Wherever possible modifications are specified so as to retain compatibility with the original design configuration.


Laser scanning and Reverse engineering insure a client against an OEM removing support for a critical or functional product. Capturing the data with good condition spares, before support is removed by the OEM, protects against the risk of unplanned obsolescence. Once captured, the data can be stored until spares are needed.


Reverse engineering has allowed us to capture and define CAD data on clients products that they themselves no longer possess. Multiple clients have engaged this service recover design information from a sample for a legacy product they otherwise could no longer support. Other clients have utilised this service to define cad data for complex form on legacy products that was not defined on original drawings, or could not previously be captured and recreated from bespoke tooling. The resulting data allows them to support these products indefinitely going forward and enables them to utilise modern inspection techniques to ensure quality.


Reverse engineering has enabled us to capture complex organic surfaces to ensure bespoke fit for our client's customers. Alternatively, prototype modifications and development have been accurately modeled and integrated back into the clients CAD data.

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