AFS ROTEL utilise our highly accurate measurement arm with either our laser scanner or a more traditional touch probe to generate in depth inspection reports.

The accurate and dense data from the laser scanner allows visually clear information on form deviation across the entirety of a component, to assist root cause analysis.

Key applications for this process include:

  • Geometric inspection of parts using full GD&T

  • Analyse of process capability using Statistical Process Control

  • Corrosion analysis

  • Inspection of soft or easily deformable parts unsuitable for contact based measurement.



Inspection from scan data enables dimensional verification of component geometry and the use of full GD&T, to ensure fit, form and function meets specified requirements.


Statistical Process Control presents a clear picture of the variability of a manufacturing process and its capability to achieve the specified requirements. This is identified using data from multiple manufactured parts.


Laser scanning of parts in service allows inspection of wear patterns and insight into the corrosion & erosion experienced in real world operation. This data can be correlated with fluid flow analysis to improve future designs. It can give empirical data on wear rates allowing prediction of MTBF and hence minimising downtime as replacement/ repair is enacted only when required.


Laser scanning enables inspection of soft or easily deformable parts in their free state, as the light based measurement system applies no force to the surface of the part.

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