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AFS ROTEL utilise a wide range of manufacturing techniques in house, developed over 40 years of operation. Our breadth of abilities allow us to manufacture soft tooling for foundry and thermoforming processes all the way through to our speciality which is hard metal machining.

We use an array of technologies to manufacture, from 7 axis CNC Robot machining cells programmed offline using state of the art CADCAM software, through stronger CNC metal cutting lathes and milling machines, to extremely rigid manual machine tools that excel even under the high cutting forces that can be generated in hard metal machining.

Key applications include:

  • Finish machined industrial spares

  • Soft tooling

  • Sub contract machining



Manufacture of industrial spares in house, whether machining billet work, shafts, castings or fabrications. Retaining the processes in house allows tight control of quality and production times. Metal parts are manufactured and machined up to 65 HRC.


Soft tooling is manufactured for vacuum forming, foundry patterns and composite tooling. We employ a 7 axis robot machining cell or large volume 5 axis routers, coupled with traditional pattern making machinery and hand finishing, to ensure high quality accurate tooling.


All processes undertaken in house can be offered as a sub contract service. From foundry pattern making, vacuum forming or composite tooling to supply of castings, proof or finish machining and plastic part trimming.

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